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Bharat Bandh for the Aam Aadmi

So it’s here again, Bharat Bandh. The NDA, Left and Non-UPA regional parties came together in a rare display of unity to protest against the price hike of petroleum products. As was obvious, Kolkata was worst affected by the bandh. The story was not so different in Delhi and Mumbai either.
The Bandh (a form of strike) for the sake of the Aam Aadmi (common man), so what if bus and auto window panes / shields are smashed, road, rail and air traffic is disrupted. Ironically, it is the very Aadmi who is most affected by the Bandh. Those who raised prices sat comfortably in their AC rooms unaffected by what is going on the streets. The Government is adamant not to roll back prices.
No doubt, the steep hike in fuel prices is too much for the Aam Aadmi to bear. Yes, Aam Aadmi supports the bandh, openly or discreetly hoping against the hope that there is at least a partial rollback of fuel price hike.
So, what next? Tomorrow is another day. BJP will rejoice that it got an opportunity to in…

Marathon at Wimbeldon, upset in South Africa, India Wins Asia Cup: Breeze helps, 15 year wait ends

Far away at Wimbeldon, John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut after 181 games spread over 3 days. However, fatigue overpowered Isner as he lost in straight sets to Thiemo de Bakker in the second round. It took only 23 games lasting 75 minutes for Bakker to defeat Isner, who made headlines after winning a 11 hour 5 minute battle in the first round.
Little closer, the Soccer World Cup continued to witness upsets as spirited Slovaks forced the defending Champions, Italy to take an early flight out of South Africa.
Away from the Soccer fever, something unusual happened in the sub-continent. India won the Asia Cup at Dambulla after a 15 year long wait. Now what was unusual about it? It's not the first Cup the Indians have won.
The unsual was the brilliant bowling display by the Indian seamers Zaheer Khan, Praveen Kumar and Ashish Nehra. Very rarely we get to see Indian frontline attack break through the opposition defence of the likes of Sangakarra and Mahela in their home ground. The tr…

France out of World Cup

Just a few moments back, France lose to South Africa 1-2. The defeat comes in the aftermath of a ugly crisis in the French Team Camp, something that could have been avoided. For the French and all their fans world over, its surely a great disappointment. There were runners up in 2006 and were expected to do well. The shocking defeat may lead to public outrage in France, something which is expected for the passion the game generates.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes "Darkness Could Only Give Way to Sunshine". Let's hope some remedial measures are taken, which may bring back the French glory in the months ahead.