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Timely Vaccination Can Protect Precious Little Lives from Vaccine-preventable Diseases—Save a Child, Save a Life, and Save a Dream.

Tribute to the African Warrior

Cancer overpowered Nobel Peace Prize Winner and founder of the Greenbelt movement in Kenya, Wangari Maathai. She will be remembered for her contribution to women empowerment, sustainable development and employment creation, and inspire many for years to come. Visionaries are often ordinary citizens, who believe something is possible and strive for it with complete determination. Africa needs many such leaders and visionaries to bring about social transformation, sustainable development and economic prosperity.

Social Networking: Keeping the flag high on rival's ship

Social networking sites continue to grow in popularity. Now Google +, Google's social networking site is open to all. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook has more number offollowers on  the rival social networking site, far ahead than Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Achievers have business acumen, which differentiates them from others.

Again, Zuckerberg is one rank ahead of Page and Brin in the new Forbes list of richest Americans. Whether Google + overtakes Facebook in popularity is something that time will reveal. Perhaps, users will make best use of both the sites.

Do We need More Rath Yatras?

We had a fairly long fasting season. Now, it's time for the Rath Yatras. Will Rath Yatras solve the problems of the people. Will that help remove corruption, control inflation, ensure food and clean drinking water, create jobs?  The answer is anybody's guess. They will certainly attract crowds, but there is no guarantee that such crowds will turn into votes during elections for those in power. We need development Yatras to solve the problems faced by the common man.

Shelter for the Needy

With the overcrowding of cities, and the ever increasing gap between the have's and have not's, there is an urgent need for creation of shelter for the poor and the needy. People living in 'informal settlements' or 'slums' are forced to vacate, as and when construction and infrastructure work begins in those areas. This problem will continue, till the time we have enough development in the rural areas. The urban municipal corporations and development authorities must create alternative arrangements to provide shelter to the slum dwellers.

When Nature Strucks

The time it took for the aid to reach the earthquake affected victims in Sikkim is an eye opener. We need to develop nature friendly infrastructure in the North and North-Eastern region. We need to create viable mechanism to communicate and reach the remote parts of the country. On the positive side, the media was quick to provide update on the situation in Sikkim.

The Wall Bids Adieu to ODI

Rahul Dravid, rightly called the wall of Indian batting, bid adieu to ODI with a swift 83rd half-century. Dravid has been one of the finest Indian cricketers of all times. The statistics speak for themselves. Only five batsmen have scored more than 80 half-centuries in one-day international cricket. He is among the eight cricketers to score over 10,000 runs in ODIs.  He is technically sound, has fine catching hands and is a remarkable team player. He played a key role in rebuilding Team Indian along with Saurav Ganguly and MS Dhoni over the last decade and has been a great ambassador of the sport. He showed remarkable character by handling the twin responsibilities of batting and wicket-keeping during the early years of the last decade, when India was struggling to find a wicket-keeper and getting the team combination right, before the arrival of Parthiv Patel and MS Dhoni on the scene.  It's now time for the likes of Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina to fill the gap and take Indian …


What's trending in India now. Oh yes!, the country has been smitten by the 'Fasting bug'. Agreed, keeping fast is nothing new in India. Mahatma gave us the freedom that we cherish today, through fast and non-violence. Again it's part of tradition. Muslims keep Roza, and Hindus fast on certain festivals. But, when opportunists find that a man can even galvanize millions of citizens across the country by keeping fast for a noble cause even in today's age, they are acting swiftly to embrace the same for serving their own selfish needs. We can expect more Yatra's, walks and dharna's. But you know, I know and every one knows, the ability to perform magic is possessed by a noble few, and miracles don't happen every day. Happy fasting though!

100 million

Heard Twitter reached 100 million user mark. The microblogging site has its share of advantages and threats. The way it connects  people around the world is remarkable. And now, its part of revolutions as well. Hope, the makers make it more secure and people continue to benefit from another finest invention.


Down with viral for a couple of days, did not manage to get adequate sleep. Wondered what makes us stay awake or sleep. Glanced through some old notes and Googled to find the cause—the Hypothalamus that resides in the lower part of the brain. Hypothalamus not only manages wakefulness and sleep, but also regulates body temperature and performs host of other functions. So next time, you lose sleep, don't blame people or situations around, blame the Hypo........instead.

Ganesh Utsav

Ganpati Bappa Morya Agle Baras Tu Jaldi Aa. Having growing up seeing the Ganesh Pandals at every turn of the street in my home town, it has been heartening to see the same fervor down South, here in Hyderabad. Tomorrow, all roads will lead to @Tank Bund for Ganesh Visarjan. Now, we have to wait for the Navratri for another round of festivities.  The color and flavor change from year to year, and there is of course a bit of modern touch, but festivities continue to unite India. Proud and fortunate to be an Indian.

Ten Years After...

Tenth anniversary of 9/11. While U.S has been able to streamline security and prevent further attacks, many countries across the world are still dealing with the menace. The hype after 9/11 of increased international cooperation has not changed the situation on ground. In the contrary, there are fresh challenges in the form of cyber threat. It's time to revisit the issue, and evolve a global approach to curb the menace. The heads of state will deliver their annual speech in the UN General Assembly in the coming weeks. It's high time, that UN is strengthened and more feasible and practical strategies are evolved to fight terror.

Shun Insensitivity

Another attack, several dead, many injured, and this time, the target was the National Capital. As expected, News Channels were quick to telecast the visuals, the government and the opposition, both called for display of unity in the hour of tragedy. By early evening though, it was business as usual as the blame game started. Expert analysis on television pointed out the same weaknesses, that we hear after each attack. There was no news update, rather breaking news over the entire day.
Whatever the motives, an attack results in the loss of lives of innocent citizens, from all walks of live, belonging to different religions. Life becomes much greater challenge for those injured, not to forget the trauma, which may take several years to erase. Attackers also succeed in diverting the attention from critical issues facing the country. The debate on corruption took a back seat, and overshadowed a crucial and strategic visit of the Prime Minister to Bangladesh. The South-Asian neighbour, …

Blessing in disguise

Last week Parliament communicated the sense of the House, to the standing committee on Lokpal bill making way for Anna Hazare to break his 13 day fast. The 74 year old attracted attention of the entire country. The frustration against corruption suddenly found an outlet. Amidst allegations and counter allegations, Indian democracy continues to flourish and is only expected to grow more vibrant. There could be disagreements on ways of protests, but people are discussing critical issues on a more open and wide platform. Yes, we have problems, but there is a hope that solutions could be found. Perhaps, it could be more better, if we don't have vindictiveness. Much still remains on the success of India in bringing a strong mechanism to deal with corruption as it may have far-reaching implications. One man though is expected to benefit most from the recent anti-corruption movement and its none other than The Prime Minister himself. While his popularity may have dipped during the seco…