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2011- The Year That Was

We are into the final week of 2011, which has been characterized of revolutions and protests. Egypt is still witnessing clashes, crisis looms large over Syria, Iraq is facing after-shocks after withdrawal of U.S troops and Pakistan government reportedly fears another coup. Even Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, whose Presidential candidature appeared to be unchallenged at the outset, is facing protests at home. Japan faced worst ever earthquake and Tsunami, which triggered nuclear radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Thailand suffered terrible floods since late July, which caused loss of lives, property and livelihood. 
North Korea lost Kim Jong-il. The leadership of North Korea is now in the hands of a young Kim Jong-un and the world has to wait to see his approach to international relations and ties with South Korea. Way back in 1994, when Kim Jong-il took over the leadership of the country, the world hoped for a change in country's policy. Far from it, North Korea went …

The Last Fortnight

As we enter the last fortnight of the year, Christmas fever has set in. For many, an eagerly awaited holiday season is fast approaching. Shopping Streets are more busier than usual. Online shopping sites are busy wooing the customers with attractive offers, and spammers may well be busy designing ways to dupe people. For retail and hospitality industry, Christmas season is the gala time of the year, though brewing recession is playing the spoilsport as shoppers across Europe are trimming their spending plans. Whether people prefer to be austere or are in a spending spree, the focus is definitely towards family, home and holidays. Egyptians are finally voting for a new Parliament. Violence and clashes still continue. However, after a year full of revolutions and protests, it's time for peace and tranquility. Hopefully, something positive will emerge out of the current crisis. The countdown has begun for the next Presidential elections in the United States (U.S). Iraq gears up for …

Intense Negotiations Result in a Landmark Deal

Far away in Durban, South Africa 194 countries agreed on a landmark deal on the significant issue of climate change. The Durban Summit was significant as the first commitment period ends next year. Devoid of the hype received by previous Summits, the leaders arrived at an agreement after intense round of negotiations. The positives of the Summit include extension of the commitment period, negotiating a global treaty by 2015, which would bring all countries in the legal ambit to reduce green house gas emissions w.e.f. from 2020, creation of the Green Climate Fund to aid poor countries battle the disastrous effects of climate change. While we would not see any real changes soon, the deal is a good step forward at a time, when there was a danger of derailment of the progress made so far. The deal could not have been possible, without the support of United States, which has been reluctant, and intense negotiations between European Union, India and China. India rightly placed emphasis on …

The Debate Continues

After the FDI logjam, the focus has again shifted to the debate on the Lokpal issue. In one of my earlier posts, I said that it is still early to reach conclusions. Many years later, year 2011 would be seen in retrospect as a crucial year for Indian democracy. There will always be a debate on the ways and mode of debate, which will do the balancing act and ensure that the focus is on the resolution of the issues at hand. But, one of the greatest achievements of Anna Hazare's movement on the Lokpal issue has been that it has made the entire country debate and express opinion. The media has played its part. The Parliament respected the sentiments by adopting a 'sense of the house resolution'. The Joint Parliamentary Committee has tabled the report. Disagreements still exist and debate continues. What's happening today at Jantar Mantar has become highly significant with the participation of members of several political parties.The participation of political parties, fo…

Ever-Inspiring and Irreplaceable

Many young Indians have grown up hearing Dev Anand being referred as an evergreen star, and he continued to be referred so. Dev Anand will be remembered for his matchless style, ever-inspiring passion for cinema and zest for life. Described by Indian cinema's stalwarts as 'evergreen star', 'epitome of romance', 'entertainer with golden heart' and 'karmayogi', the evergreen hero will remain in the Indian hearts for ever. He was charming yet an intense actor, who stayed active in the India cinematic scene for over 60 years. Yet, words are not enough to describe the legend. May his soul rest in peace.