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Timely Vaccination Can Protect Precious Little Lives from Vaccine-preventable Diseases—Save a Child, Save a Life, and Save a Dream.

Hope amidst Despair

Anger on the streets of the national capital and in the social media demanding speedy justice to the rape victim; this was waiting to happen. It's horrifying to even imagine what the harassed girl, boy, and their families may be going through. It's even shocking to hear people responsible to ensure safety of the citizens, writing off the crime as a stray incident. How can it be a stray incident, when several such acts of humiliation, harassment, and crime come to light every day? The fearlessness of the perpetrators is simply alarming. It's disillusioning to find police resort to water cannon, lathicharge, and tear gas attack on people demanding speedy justice, rather than assuaging their concerns. The indifferent attitude of the representatives and bureaucrats to the just concerns of the public defies all reasoning. People have shied away from talking about such crimes for far too long. It was almost like a social taboo to speak about certain crimes in public. Their anger…