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The Aam Aadmi and the Conundrum of Choice

2013 is drawing to a close, but the election season has just begun in India. 

Politicos are facing the Aam Aadmi conundrum. While some acknowledge it openly, others are loathe to admit it. On the other hand, the aam aadmi is facing the conundrum of choice between the untested, so-called wave, mixed bag politico, and the newly introduced non of the above (NOTA). We can't underestimate either of them. The last option may not be so effective, but it can result in close contests. Lot can happen in the run up to the parliamentary elections scheduled next summer. 

So, where does the Aam Aadmi stand? Aam Aadmi will expect change or may even force a change. If the hopes are not met, the aam aadmi will continue to earn the daily bread and face up to the challenge with a feeling of déjà vu of once again been fooled.

We can only hope or may be its up to each one of us to ensure that the we, the aam aadmi, are not left in despair. 


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