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Do We need More Rath Yatras?

We had a fairly long fasting season. Now, it's time for the Rath Yatras. Will Rath Yatras solve the problems of the people. Will that help remove corruption, control inflation, ensure food and clean drinking water, create jobs?  The answer is anybody's guess. They will certainly attract crowds, but there is no guarantee that such crowds will turn into votes during elections for those in power. We need development Yatras to solve the problems faced by the common man.


What's trending in India now. Oh yes!, the country has been smitten by the 'Fasting bug'. Agreed, keeping fast is nothing new in India. Mahatma gave us the freedom that we cherish today, through fast and non-violence. Again it's part of tradition. Muslims keep Roza, and Hindus fast on certain festivals. But, when opportunists find that a man can even galvanize millions of citizens across the country by keeping fast for a noble cause even in today's age, they are acting swiftly to embrace the same for serving their own selfish needs. We can expect more Yatra's, walks and dharna's. But you know, I know and every one knows, the ability to perform magic is possessed by a noble few, and miracles don't happen every day. Happy fasting though!

Bharat Bandh for the Aam Aadmi

So it’s here again, Bharat Bandh. The NDA, Left and Non-UPA regional parties came together in a rare display of unity to protest against the price hike of petroleum products. As was obvious, Kolkata was worst affected by the bandh. The story was not so different in Delhi and Mumbai either.
The Bandh (a form of strike) for the sake of the Aam Aadmi (common man), so what if bus and auto window panes / shields are smashed, road, rail and air traffic is disrupted. Ironically, it is the very Aadmi who is most affected by the Bandh. Those who raised prices sat comfortably in their AC rooms unaffected by what is going on the streets. The Government is adamant not to roll back prices.
No doubt, the steep hike in fuel prices is too much for the Aam Aadmi to bear. Yes, Aam Aadmi supports the bandh, openly or discreetly hoping against the hope that there is at least a partial rollback of fuel price hike.
So, what next? Tomorrow is another day. BJP will rejoice that it got an opportunity to in…