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Explore Before You Visit

Want to visit a popular store or restaurant. Pause for a moment. Take a look online. You may well have chance to view the interiors of the destination, before you plan a visit. And if you own a business, you have an opportunity to take business promotion to a new level. Google has introduced a new concept under street view, wherein the company allows select businesses to showcase their interiors by applying for a photo shoot. The company has introduced the concept in select cities across six countries. Way to go!

New Takeover Code in Place from Today

We can expect a flurry of activity in the coming months as the Securities and Exchange Board of India's (SEBI)'s new Takeover Code becomes operational from today. While promoters with less than 25% state would be striving to retain their control, acquirers would be plotting to takeover target companies. We can expect heightened private equity activity in the Indian market. It would be interesting to watch the response of the major Indian corporates in the new scenario. Expect a tug-of-war between the promoters and acquirers. The action begins now.

Social Networking: Keeping the flag high on rival's ship

Social networking sites continue to grow in popularity. Now Google +, Google's social networking site is open to all. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook has more number offollowers on  the rival social networking site, far ahead than Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Achievers have business acumen, which differentiates them from others.

Again, Zuckerberg is one rank ahead of Page and Brin in the new Forbes list of richest Americans. Whether Google + overtakes Facebook in popularity is something that time will reveal. Perhaps, users will make best use of both the sites.

Recession Blues

Shares have tumbled down over the last few days, following S&P's downgrade. Quite rightly, people fear another recession, similar to that which engulfed the world after the U.S Subprime lending crisis in 2008. 
However, stock markets do not always react logically, and many a times, the reactions are sentimental.  India has its own set of advantages. The country has the demographic advantage of younger population and has a large domestic market. Unlike other countries, India’s growth in the recent years has been primarily driven by the service economy, wherein cities have played a vital role. The future success story of India depends to a large extent on the growth of small towns and cities, which have limitless potential for investment.
So, we at India do not need to worry. But prudence lies in caution.