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Timely Vaccination Can Protect Precious Little Lives from Vaccine-preventable Diseases—Save a Child, Save a Life, and Save a Dream.

Child Deaths - The Blame Game Continues

Child deaths continue. Sadly, the blame game continues as well. When people vote a new party to power after allowing the old one to stay for more than three decades, they are bound to have expectations. The expectations increase when the leader of the new party is someone, who they feel has struggled enough to reach that position. Yes, I am talking about West Bengal. There is no denying the fact that changes cannot happen overnight. At the same time, it's sad and shocking to find people quoting statistics and indulging in blame game. It only adds to the pain of those who have lost their children. And, this is true for every state. India is a major contributor to the tally of child deaths. I don't want to quote figures, as it does not serve any purpose. One can find them on UNICEF's website. The least that one expects from those at the helm is to be more empathetic in their responses. Does it cost anything? We not only have to develop health care infrastructure in the rura…

Blame Game over Child Deaths

Another example of lack of proper child health care facilities is on display in some cities of West Bengal. Rather than playing the blame game over death of infants, efforts must be made to identify the root causes and initiating remedial action to save precious lives. Recently, the state of Uttar Pradesh was in the news for several encephalitis deaths. No blame game over child deaths, please.

Child Deaths Cause for Concern, Need to Improve Public Health Care System

Electronic media deserves appreciation for bringing to light hundreds of encephalitis deaths in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh over the past few months, and thousands over the last few decades. Rather than procrastinating and resorting to blame game over the child deaths, immediate efforts must be made to limit further casualties. Questions remain as to why the local media, health care centers, and elected representatives did not highlight the issue in the way, it should have been for so many years? While the country has federal structure of governance, we have not leveraged the same for timely and efficient delivery of public health care, proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. Usually, spread through insect bites or contaminated water, viral encephalitis results in inflammation of the brain and may cause death. Child health care must be given top priority. The success of polio vaccination program, must be replicated to limit spread of other diseases. There is no magic …

Rail journey, Language barrier, Diabetes, Children, Conversation, Sharing and Unity in Diversity

According to World Health Organization (WHO), around 346 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, the chronic disease, which may also cause damage to other parts of body and even aggravate many other ailments. India may well have the largest number of patients suffering from diabetes. Changes in lifestyle, growing consumption of junk food may all contribute to the growth of the menace. Not surprisingly, heart disease and diabetes are becoming common in all families. I will discuss non-communicable diseases (NCDs), some time later. But today's blog post deals with language and communication. Then, what made me began today's post with diabetes. During a recent rail journey, I encountered two old couples, one hailing from Central India, and the other from Tamil Nadu. While the former were uncomfortable in speaking English, the latter had problem speaking in Hindi. But, both families had one thing in common - the evil diabetes. And, that became the source of conversation. I…


Down with viral for a couple of days, did not manage to get adequate sleep. Wondered what makes us stay awake or sleep. Glanced through some old notes and Googled to find the cause—the Hypothalamus that resides in the lower part of the brain. Hypothalamus not only manages wakefulness and sleep, but also regulates body temperature and performs host of other functions. So next time, you lose sleep, don't blame people or situations around, blame the Hypo........instead.