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Elections 2012 - Across Continents

Democracy with all its inherent flaws is still the best bet for the world. Elections play a pivotal role in democracy. Election fever has set in many of the countries going to polls this year. Here's a look at some of the elections scheduled this year.
The Finnish will vote on January 22 to elect a new President. The Finnish elect the President by a direct vote. The Parliament enjoys more powers, but the President has say in foreign affairs. Eight candidates belonging to eight different parties are in the race for the President. Five of the candidates are less than 55 years of age. Paavo Arhinmaki, 34, of the Left Alliance is the youngest of the pack and Paavo Lipponen, 70, of the Social Democratic Party is the oldest among the candidates. In case none of the candidates succeeds in garnering more than 50% of the votes, the constitution provides for a second round of election between the top two candidates.
Election campaign is in top gear here in India as the five states of Goa,…

2011- The Year That Was

We are into the final week of 2011, which has been characterized of revolutions and protests. Egypt is still witnessing clashes, crisis looms large over Syria, Iraq is facing after-shocks after withdrawal of U.S troops and Pakistan government reportedly fears another coup. Even Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, whose Presidential candidature appeared to be unchallenged at the outset, is facing protests at home. Japan faced worst ever earthquake and Tsunami, which triggered nuclear radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Thailand suffered terrible floods since late July, which caused loss of lives, property and livelihood. 
North Korea lost Kim Jong-il. The leadership of North Korea is now in the hands of a young Kim Jong-un and the world has to wait to see his approach to international relations and ties with South Korea. Way back in 1994, when Kim Jong-il took over the leadership of the country, the world hoped for a change in country's policy. Far from it, North Korea went …

The Last Fortnight

As we enter the last fortnight of the year, Christmas fever has set in. For many, an eagerly awaited holiday season is fast approaching. Shopping Streets are more busier than usual. Online shopping sites are busy wooing the customers with attractive offers, and spammers may well be busy designing ways to dupe people. For retail and hospitality industry, Christmas season is the gala time of the year, though brewing recession is playing the spoilsport as shoppers across Europe are trimming their spending plans. Whether people prefer to be austere or are in a spending spree, the focus is definitely towards family, home and holidays. Egyptians are finally voting for a new Parliament. Violence and clashes still continue. However, after a year full of revolutions and protests, it's time for peace and tranquility. Hopefully, something positive will emerge out of the current crisis. The countdown has begun for the next Presidential elections in the United States (U.S). Iraq gears up for …

Unrest in the MENA Continues

Nine months after Hosni Mubarak's regime was overthrown, unrest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continues. Egyptians are still waiting for that evasive democracy as protests continue in Cairo. Libya witnessed a bloody end to 42 year old Gaddafi regime. Syria is in the midst of a severe crisis as protests and government crackdowns continue. The fate of Arab League's peace plan still hangs in balance. Will we witness an end of the dictatorship across the world or will it lead to more chaos in countries facing the revolution? Part of the problem lies with the inability of the respective regimes to foresee the crisis and their refusal to undertake reforms. Had the regimes been flexible enough to relinquish power or had the dexterity to resolve internal issues, they could have continued to enjoy public support, prevented the loss of lives of hundreds of people, avoided the present chaos and external intervention in the region. Although human rights violations and non-co…

A Global Community of Over 7 Billion

The global human population has crossed the 7 Billion mark today.. Significantly, it has taken just over 2 centuries for the global community to grow 7 times of their size from around 1 billion at the beginning of the 19th century to over 7 billion in 2011, and we may well double ourselves over the next century. A global community of over 7 billion. Remarkable progress, but grave challenges ahead. Read more on Insights.

Pak to Join India as Non-Permanent Member of UNSC

The Asian rivals will share the space as non-permanent members of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) during 2012. India's term, which started in January 2011 will expire in December 2012. Pakistan will serve the two year term from January 2012 to December 2013. We can expect cooperation between the two countries at the international level. More significantly, five of the ten non-permanent members of the UNSC during 2012 will be from Asia and Africa with the entry of Pakistan, Togo and Morocco. The other two members from the region being India and South Africa. So, in 2012, we can expect greater Afro-Asian cooperation at the UNSC.

An Interesting and Influential Decade Ahead

Vladimir Putin's seemingly apparent Return to Kremlin, his Eurasian Union proposal, the increasingly aggressive and self-assertive China, the crisis in the Middle East, unresolved Afghan issue, the Rising India, the inward and outward dilemma of the U.S, increasingly self-enlightened Western Powers and turbulence in the Middle East may well alter the dynamics of the global politics. Despite the proposed U.S withdrawal from Afghan, the Af-Pak region could continue to be the center of attention. With slow and steady structural changes, African countries may well began to exercise more influence by the end of the decade. Certainly, an interesting and influential decade is right in front of us, with far-reaching implications to watch out for.