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The Journey Continues...

Here we are in 2012, a leap year, so it will bound us for another 366 days. 
Hmm... another year. We never know what it has in store. 
One thing is sure, its time for change, for that has been for years now. The form and shape does not matter. Do we have control on the changes at the first place? Yes, on some occasions, answer is in the negative for others. 
Perhaps, it would be the busiest year ever. The journey of life continues with all its twists and turns, pleasant and unpleasant surprises. As usual, the learning continues with self-motivation and there are events, and people—both young and old who inspire. Life would not be boring, it never was. Nothing would be easy, it never was. Some will admire and appreciate, others will question. Some will understand, some will perfect the art of misunderstanding. If I am sad, some will share my sadness, others will encourage me to be easygoing. If I am happy, some will share my happiness, others will try their best to keep me down. If I …