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83 and Still Batting

I am no fan of Mr. L.K.Advani or his ideology, but his spirit at this age, still aspiring for that evasive Prime Ministership and unilateral announcement to start another rath yatra, his attempt to revive the party, which he began today, does deserve attention. He choose to start his yatra from the den of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, another aspiring Prime Ministerial candidate and perhaps more acceptable face of the NDA. It does not matter, whether he is able to change the party's fortune, what matters more is the spirit and the gest.

Wonder, why can't young tech-savvy politicos use their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the country? Perhaps, our young leaders lack the oratory skills, which connected people to political stalwarts and former Prime Ministers such as Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, late Rajiv Gandhi, and  late Indira Gandhi. Well, we can always hope.

Blessing in disguise

Last week Parliament communicated the sense of the House, to the standing committee on Lokpal bill making way for Anna Hazare to break his 13 day fast. The 74 year old attracted attention of the entire country. The frustration against corruption suddenly found an outlet. Amidst allegations and counter allegations, Indian democracy continues to flourish and is only expected to grow more vibrant. There could be disagreements on ways of protests, but people are discussing critical issues on a more open and wide platform. Yes, we have problems, but there is a hope that solutions could be found. Perhaps, it could be more better, if we don't have vindictiveness. Much still remains on the success of India in bringing a strong mechanism to deal with corruption as it may have far-reaching implications. One man though is expected to benefit most from the recent anti-corruption movement and its none other than The Prime Minister himself. While his popularity may have dipped during the seco…