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Timely Vaccination Can Protect Precious Little Lives from Vaccine-preventable Diseases—Save a Child, Save a Life, and Save a Dream.

Rail journey, Language barrier, Diabetes, Children, Conversation, Sharing and Unity in Diversity

According to World Health Organization (WHO), around 346 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, the chronic disease, which may also cause damage to other parts of body and even aggravate many other ailments. India may well have the largest number of patients suffering from diabetes. Changes in lifestyle, growing consumption of junk food may all contribute to the growth of the menace. Not surprisingly, heart disease and diabetes are becoming common in all families. I will discuss non-communicable diseases (NCDs), some time later. But today's blog post deals with language and communication. Then, what made me began today's post with diabetes. During a recent rail journey, I encountered two old couples, one hailing from Central India, and the other from Tamil Nadu. While the former were uncomfortable in speaking English, the latter had problem speaking in Hindi. But, both families had one thing in common - the evil diabetes. And, that became the source of conversation. I…